lunedì 26 settembre 2011

Innovative design and art at Elephant Parade press conference - crea news - CREA International - italian retail design

Innovative design and art at Elephant Parade press conference

Crea International hosted at the press conference of the event at Palazzo Reale

A joyful occasion for the physical-brand-design company to greet, with all the other sponsors of the event, a herd of 80 brightly painted elephants that will push their way into Milan life for two months. The italian-retail-design company presents its art work, the only elephant of the parade with its story written on its back … a story of colours,dreams, love and hope in a better world :

“my name is elephamm and I live over the rainbow….

…I met by chance a creative spirit called Amm who told me his tribe’s story, free spirits able to speak through the voice of the heart. Special people who catch the sight of the rainbow and set off for a colour to get up on it to live in there and to communicate with all the living creatures through the universal language of the light.

I shared with Amm my experiences and my dreams and he taught me how to draw stories which came out from the heart. In order to help me, he gently slid in one of my big ears to talk directly to my soul.

We played, talked and laughed and we were moved to tears by watching on Youtube the story about Mosha little elephant who was moving his first steps after his leg being healed from a mine explosion. I convinced Amm to remain inside me to help me to get on the rainbow and to learn how to talk his language.

I walked over the rainbows all around the world with Amm and my legs bloted with all their colours. My blue eyes, as big and pure as babies' ones, are still capable of dreaming. And with the pencil, I always carry with me, I can draw how I feel. I have told my stories to all other little elephants and I have become the herd’s head. They have decided to follow me on the first rainbow that will rise in Milan, connecting their trunks in a single row.

We will be able to observe the world from a peaceful, joyful and friendly place from above…. Far away from fear for mines and poachers and from a world where men don’t communicate anymore and cry for their incapabilities. For this reason on shiny and sunny days we will try to send some light rays to men, through our hearts, in order to light up their self consciousness for a few seconds and let them start to perceive what they can’t see and feel anymore.

Come and know our “Elephamm” in San Babila!

Special thanks go to F.lli Fotolito – Milano for the promotional supply of Elephamm t-shirts

For more informations about the event visit :

Press and PR contact : francesca.soffici

Innovative design and art at Elephant Parade press conference - crea news - CREA International - italian retail design

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