giovedì 30 aprile 2009

TrS ChE oIN? Published the first book of Crea International

TrS ChE oIN?, that's the title of the first book launched by Crea International about their creative spirit, AMM.

What does it mean, you might be wondering?!
It is just his language, main characteristic of his spirit which represents the most significant and inspiring landmark of the company.

Every single member of the team got involved into writing a personal story about him: "Our passion is to be worlds' designers and story tellers. We altogether listen to the language, the values and the soul of each brand we work with. And to do it, only one skill is badly needed: being such good dreamers!
Here in this book are our Amm's stories, our creative spirit we speak every day to and which enables us to walk on the rainbow. Everything is possible for freespirit men who can speak through the voice of the heart, like he does.
If you agree with us, just shut your eyes and join our tribe!"

What else could be added: Find out more, click the link to download the pdf from the Crea International website!

Crea International - Physical Brand Design

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