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Retail banking: what's up? - crea news - CREA International - italian retail design

Crea International and innovative design in retail banking

Massimo Fabbro, CEO of the retail design company, will partecipate to a round table which will close the first edition of Parma's university master

Even if we live in a technological and more and more “virtual world”, banks have still existed and will continue to, performing this primary function because of their fundamental business in human lives : they issue credit to people who need it, they make loans and protect depositors' money. Starting from this premise it’s not so diffucult to understand why retail banking field is constantly changing and shaping on the increasing changing in consumers’ and world habits. The new branches need to evolve so that to provide customers with a powerful and attractive alternative to the many new channels that are appearing.

During the intervention to the round table in Accenture center on 11th November, Massimo Fabbro , ceo of Crea International, focused on how the branches of the future have to change. They really need to start thinking how to make the difference to keep up with the times.This has been the key point on which Massimo Fabbro has articulated his speech, touching three fundamental points. The first one in the NEED TO LEARN from other fields to innovate retail banking world. That’s to say that it’s not neccessary to refer to bank competiros in creating new retail concepts, but it would be desirable to direct attention to those sectors where the customer service is the key point of the company’s mission, such as hotellerie, food, fashion, health & beauty.

In the new branch formats the bank have to attract customers, offering new experiences within the space. They have to give a new sense of style like real concept stores to provide a stimulating but also relaxing environment and make in this way banks able to trial new products and services. The second point analyzed by mr. Fabbro is the NEED FOR SIMPLIFICATION in customers’s welcome, in making the fruition easy to understand, with a personal consulting (for young people or old ones for example). It’s important that innovation becomes synonymous of simplification. The third and last step explored by the ceo of the physical brand design company is the NEED OF DIFFERENTIATION. He has shown a big difficulty by the retail banking companies in creating their own identity beacause of the poor attitude to competition. It’s necessary to create something never seen before to attract customers and enhance their banking experience.

Among the audience, the following banks:


Deutche Bank,



Monte dei Paschi,

Banco Popolare,

Banca Popolare di Milano,

Banca Pop. del Mediterraneo.

Massimo Fabbro Crea International retail design banking innovative design
Retail banking: what's up? - crea news - CREA International - italian retail design

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