mercoledì 28 agosto 2013

Full spotlights on the brand new Allianz agency innovative service design concept

Allianz is leading a redesign process of the agencies with a design solution aimed to strengthen the brand leadership and to improve the shopping experience, through a brand new innovative model of service and the enhancement of the new visual identity.

The project which started back in the second half of 2012, carried out crucial development stages for the conception of project whose first agency was officially inaugurated in Milan around mid June.

Following a strategic analysis to understand the context using surveys in Italy, Germany and France and interviews with 63 agents in different countries, further meetings were carried out for the evaluation of creative drafts and to discuss about the new service model with the management and the Allianz Partner Agents Committee.

The project passed through a technical development stage, after the approval by the CEO George Sartorel and by the Allianz Partner Agents Committee in late 2012.
The new service design concept of Allianz agency caharacterized by a stylish and fresh environment, which promotes the relationship between Agent and customer.

The model of service is developed according to different areas which interprete Allianz new way of communicating by interactive and visually impactful atmosphere.

The project breaks the standards of the traditional insurance service model, realizing a comfortable space designed to make the customer feel at ease with new counseling workstations, an important welcome area and a zone for fast operations.
The brand values of quality, clarity, modernity and elegance were channeled through the set of all finishing materials.

The choice of these elements has been studied in detail to create a refined environment: light and dark wood and steel give life to a welcoming atmosphere consistent with the professionalism of Allianz. The final result is a very bright and reassuring space, that communicates strength and confidence to the customer. The design is Crea International srl and dinn! srl copyright.

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