lunedì 23 febbraio 2009

Crea International joins the “Light & Well-Being workshop”

Wednesday, the 25th February at the “National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci” In Milan, Crea International will take part to the “Light & Well-Being workshop”, dedicated to light in conjunction with psycho-physical human well-being.The objective of the workshop, organized by the San Raffaele Scientific University Institute is to make the point of medical scientific results achieved thanks to light and its consequent applications into the architectural and design field.
Massimo Fabbro, managing partner of Crea International steps in with “Physical Space 2.0”:
“Physical Space 2.0 means a new concept of space: a new idea, a new way to conceive the space under the perspective of a "continuum" between digital and physical experience.We are experimenting this continuum in almost all aspects of our life: at work, at home or in our leisure time. We start the experience in the digital world (buying, travelling, meeting people, and so on...) to keep living it in the physical world and viceversa.The approach to space and interior design is strongly affected by this revolution. It is a new paradigm: we need to start thinking of a space in a global and fully integrated way (Physical and Digital).”

More info: / ph: +39 02 - 26432919 or +39 02 - 26433692.

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