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Crea International's retail-banking-design and concept innovation protagonist at Efma conference in London - crea news - CREA International - italian retail design

Crea International's retail-banking-design and concept innovation at Efma conference in London

CheBanca! and Extrabanca innovative concept during "Efma branch of the future" as new retail-banking-design international benchmarks

The conference “Branch of the future”- revamping the branch for the technology-driven world - which will take place in London on 26 and 27 April in London will focus on the importance of a new evolving branch to provide customers with a powerful and attractive alternative to the many channels that are appearing: some sudies have consistently shown that the branch remains the customers’ preferred channel. The conference will explore the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

One of the main subjects treated will be about the importance of a new retail-banking-design in a more and more changing world, where customers need to be stimulated but also relaxed with an offer of innovative,convenient and trustworthy products: a new banking format, where everything is easy to do.

CheBanca! and Extrabanca, the new and surprising italian-retail-design by Crea International are two perfect examples of modern technologies and products, mixed with a familiar but innovative design.

During the first day of the conference, Giovanni Rossi – head of branch network CheBanca! the new retail-banking-design of Mediobanca group - will show the project and its innovative concept: a multichannel distribution model based on website, customer service and new generation light branches. The design concept of the new branches emphasizes the consultancy, self transaction and self education activities, bringing the consumer at the centre of the process. The Natural Tech innovative concept designed by Crea International is inspired by “the rules of semplicity”: everything must be simple in an overall atmosphere which recalls the warmth and light of the sun, visible in the use of yellow as main colour of the environment; a new design concept which transforms the retail-banking-design from a transaction place into a relationship place. Giovanni Rossi will put the attention on the importance of keeping in touch with customers : the old concept of bank with the customer in a subordinate position gives place to a new design concept , where the bank and customers are side by side in a native multichannel model, engaging the five senses.

On the second day of the conference Alberto Rabbia, head of governance and operation of Extrabanca, will show the other example of new innovative concept of bank. The latest is , beyond the interactive relational experience of the customer with the bank, the attention to immigrants, the emerging component of the italian society, to create a place where their dreams can come true. A design concept on which Crea International have worked with total commitment, aiming at contributing to the creation of a meaningful and reassuring relationship with clients, analysing the diversity management and its impact on business and service model.

The claim of Extrabanca is to translate Physical-Brand-Design identity and core values into colours, forms and materials.

An important achievement withi retail-banking-design striken through the unique concept innovation led by the Physical-Brand-Design working philosophy of the Italian-retail-design company to promote its innovative concept all over the world.

For further info, please visit: World Retail Banking Report 2011

Crea International's retail-banking-design and concept innovation protagonist at Efma conference in London - crea news - CREA International - italian retail design

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