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“Produttori Straordinari”: concept innovation within food retail design by Crea International - crea news - CREA International - italian retail design

“Produttori Straordinari”: concept innovation within food-retail-design by Crea International

The Italian-retail-design company introduces its last innovative thinking inspiring the innovative design concept in Milan

At beginning of April, within the suggestive context of Umanitaria space in Milan, the first convention of “Produttori Straordinari” took place, a whole of small italian food companies selected as excellent producers of agro food, which attention, contrasting the industrial logical , is based on every processing step, respecting the ethicality environment and consumer.

The innovative concept project, created by Crea International, the Italian-retail-design company, has been presented by Alberto Pasquini, founder and chairman of the company , by architect Armando Loreti who conceived the innovative design and by the graphic designer Gilberto Vizzini who developed the branding, the environmental graphics and created all the interactive systems. During the introduction, Mr. Gaetano Gasperini ceo of “Produttori Straordinari” focused on the company development that, in a few months, has been able to aggregate around this design innovation about 100 producers for a total number of 1500 products, which during the months before and immediately after Christmas holidays has been exposed and sold out with a strong commercial success, at “Cargo”, a famous shop in Milan.

At the end of the ambitious business plan, dr. Gasperini gave voice to tthe Physical-Brand-Design Company's chairman Alberto Pasquini and to designer Gilberto Vizzini, who explained specifically this innovative design and its application in corner.

Pasquini anticipates the presentation explaining the reasons which convinced him to accept the idea of a food-retail-design concept, for the first time.

“After our first visit to Cargo design concept space and having talked to some “Produttori Straordinari” referees, we noticed that our two companies had the same claims: being italian, in a true way, been of sincere business,passion and enthusiasm spread on every small detail and the courage to defend our own ideas and our convinctions.

We are then convinced that all these assumptions are the base to start in a good way, to impose our innovative concept both on the Italian market and on the international one.

Designer Gilberto Vizzini who took voice after Pasquini, explained specifically the reasons which have inspired the Physical-Brand-Design creative team to follow a story which led them to this kind concept innovation experience within food-retail-design..

Creating a label with a black and white photo of the producer on, as expression of naturalness and semplicity connected to past memories and a warm and harmonious design innovation where soft colors of olive wood and wavy forms of shelves as trees twisted by the wind shine through; the products laid on white marbles as the old tables of our country houses’ grandmothers and a simple and charming technology to explain the products ingredients, how to use cook and combine them, even directly explained by films made directly by the “Produttori Straordinari” telling their story and their production.

A persuasive innovative thinking design concept able to tell many different stories in a true one, believable and able to instil love and passion, typical Italian feelings !

“Produttori Straordinari”: concept innovation within food retail design by Crea International - crea news - CREA International - italian retail design

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