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Extrabanca strikes the balance between concept innovation and retail design, opening the second branch in Brescia - crea news - CREA International - italian retail design

Extrabanca strikes the balance between concept innovation and retail design, opening the second branch in Brescia

Inaugurated the second innovative concept branch of the multiethnic bank, designed by the Italian-retail-design company.

Extrabanca brescia crea internationa retail banking design

On the 10th May in Brescia’s heart, the second branch of Extrabanca, the innovative retail-banking-design carried out by Crea International, has been inaugurated. A human bank dedicated to immigrants with its particular layout which aims to facilitate relationship building and to encourage interactivity, through the distinctive architectural feature of a linking bridge, towards a new different world where “dreams can come true”. The idea of the bridge is used as formal archetype in an informal and friendly environment but institutional at the same time.

The remarkable impact of the retail banking concept can immediately be perceived not only from the predominance of white colour which gives an ethereal atmosphere to the branch, but even from the same conformation of Brescia’s layout in a very particular and historical architectural space, underlined by capitals and by barrel and cross vaults. This remarks once again the capacity of Crea International’s architects and designers to adapt the space, whatever it is, ancient or modern, to the innovative concept. The others features are the same of the other Milan retail-banking-design branch, obviously adapted to the particular conformation of this space.

There is a welcome manager who introduces the customer into the bank in a big waiting area, four opened stations with benches and big portals emphasizing the space and the particular architectural context, separated from the reserved zone to customers and a closed and private office zone.

Everything have been focused on a innovative concept of strong visual communication with a sophisticated system of dynamic lighting RGB LED night, either through a graphic language, consisting in a superposition of flowing and sinuous lines, winding along all the windows and walls branch - as if to reinforce the idea of bank that accompanies the customer on his path of growth and achievement.

Once again, the Italian-retail-design company has achieved its aim to communicate, through brand design, a system of values ​​talking of listening, pride and personal service.

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