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New opening in Milano for Finanza & Futuro Banca retail banking flagship store - crea news - CREA International - italian retail design

New opening in Milano for Finanza & Futuro Banca retail banking flagship store

A new important challenge for Crea International to give the Deutsche Bank administered funds company an innovative design within retail banking

italian retail design retail banking design retail design physical brand design The Physical-Brand-Design company has conceived and designed the whole restyling plan of Finanza e Futuro Banca.The brief that gave birth to the new innovative concept design was certainly a challenging one: create a brand awareness and make perceivable to clients and prospects the new positioning of the brand through the retail concept. This required the capability to develop a project with a high visibility from the outside, innovating the external approach of the financial services offices and the capability to communicate the new brand soul upon the mix of exclusivity and accessibility. In other words the design concept had to transfer the oxymoron concept of F&F Banca as the private bank managed by financial promoters.The project had to convey the rigorous roots of Deutsche Bank and the dynamism of F&F Banca and generate the feeling of a financial boutique capable to deliver high professionalism together with a strong and warm relationship.

The design concept gets its inspiration from first class financial journey. First class suggests comfort and accurate services approach, cocooning but at the same time an innovative environment with great attention to details. The design innovation of first class is perceived right from the outside of the flagship store: the windows although opened and transparent have been designed with a blue gradient glass and brushed aluminium that provide a touch of glamour. The interior design has privileged simple shapes, materials and colours in contrast, combining the blue and white colors clash, creating a timeless environment, capable to enhance what really matters : the human touch, the relationship based on mutual trust.

Particular attention has been dedicated to the communication of the offer : a colour scheme based on pastel colours developed to identify every single product proposed and introduced in the display system that groups in an unique proposition the various brochures composing the offer and the poster focusing on the special proposal of the moment. This system contributes to give to this innovative concept a touch of simplicity and at the same time preciousness, even in the offer. The whole environment provides an overall feeling of lightness, simplicity and essentiality. A perfect equilibrium to take a break with the external world and make clients concentrate on their future in a peaceful state of mind.

The choice of F&F Banca to open a new flagship store in Milano, following Rome’s one, and to refresh and reshape all the branches through out the country, implementing the innovative design concept of Crea International, is a strong signal not only of the strong increase of the activity of the financial company but even that Finanza e Futuro believes that space is an essential tool in its repositioning strategy to put clients at the centre of its attention, committing in all its activities to top class service where care and profesionalism are the key words for success.

Another fully managed project by the interior design company,that through its exclusive Physical-Brand-Design way of working, successed once again in translating the brand values within the space.

New opening in Milano for Finanza & Futuro Banca retail banking flagship store - crea news - CREA International - italian retail design

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