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A journey into brand lightingscape: Crea International presentation at Frankfurt fair “light build” - crea news - CREA International - italian retail design

The multidisciplinary approach to create store design innovation in retail spaces: lighting as an important tool to translate and enhance brand identity

marco de carli andrea borsetto crea international ge lightingAndrea Borsetto and Marco De Carli, design director and marketing strategy director from the Physical-Brand-Design company gave a lecture on how the multidisciplinary approach of the retail design company creates innovative environments, working on two important aspects: on one side on a strategic and marketing view highlighting how lighting influences the retail service design journey and the layout zoning and on the other from a creative and design point of view creating emotional effects.

marco de carli andrea borsetto crea international ge lighting barwa bank Light is an important tool to create innovation in a retail design project. Particular focus has been given to Barwa Bank branch (Doha-Qatar), one of the most innovative retail banking projects by Crea International, where light contributed to give value to the brand and, above all, to the retail service design journey. Thanks to the appropriate and impacting use of lighting, together with the innovative interior design, Crea International created a technological and emotional queuing system. Inside the branch the customer is welcomed by an attendant who, giving him a digital device which through a colour matched to his responsible banker informs him of his turn when the colour appears to his workstation, shows him all the new products of the bank through the interactive and touch screens. Decorative elements are all backlight and during the night, thanks to light system use, the bank assumes a very emotional and dramatic effect.

marco de carli andrea borsetto crea international ge lighting Light can help in creating a story with focus on brand identity, integrated in the service model can help in developing different areas and atmospheres and different approaches with the customers, and mixed with design affects the emotional aspect giving materic sensations. Marco De Carli explained also how, during the design creation, the Physical Brand Design process led the project team to talk with solution providers as General electric, working together to find out the technical light solutions to enfasize and give value to the design project. The presentation explored three different cases: on food, bank and fashion where lighting has worked to create value for a brand. Very interesting “Barbican” benchmark food restaurant for its innovative way of using light to tell a story and to divide the spaces : a theatricality used to create different zones and atmospheres, to enhance emotional feelings.
Another interesting benchmark explored is “The United nude”, which uses light to display the product, highlighting it in a very innovative way to engage customers. Light is inside the furnitures,every single light solution is custom made for the space, and the “Wall of light”, a wall made of coloured lights, enfasizes products.
In order to create a positive and innovative environment, lighting can create the path for the design shape within a perfect integration and develop values through the design experience , finding out innovative lighting solution through a strong partnership to create benchmarks for the brand. Working with a solution partner like GE the Physical Brand Design projects can develop and suggest a consistent branding and innovation space design project.
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