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Air Bank branch presented at Efma conference in Paris : a unique retail service design journey strenghtening customer satisfaction and brand identity - crea news - CREA International - italian retail design

Focus on how Physical Brand Design strategy has contributed to the success of this innovative retail banking format

efma conference air bank retail banking design crea international innovation concept
From Thursday 3 to Friday 4 May 2012 Crea International will be hosted in Paris, at Efma conference “Branch of the future”, through the voice of Jakub Petrina, Air Bank marketing director, who will explore the bank as a distinctive retail banking case.

Jakub Petrina presentation will focus on how the innovative design of the branch, fully expressing the values of the brand, has contributed to give success to new Czech bank, proposing a unique service design experience for customers in a fresh, friendly and no barriers environment.
efma conference air bank retail banking design crea international innovation concept
He will show how the free fruition of space inside the branch which allows customers to take a seat wherever they desire, affects their relationship with the bank, making them feel at ease but even supported and assisted, in a complete paperless experience. Mr Petrina will even explain why a unique design does not have to be expensive to be impacting and successful.

air bank retail banking design

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Retail Design is an important part of marketing for any store. This is the outward image of the store and associates a number of values with it like modernity and success.

Imran mehdi ha detto...

Great post, brand design company in Saudi Arabia Brands require high level of energy. They need to be promoted, they need to be maintained, and they need to be serviced just to keep them going. And that can lead some to believe that that is all they need. Surely, if you invest enough energy to create a brand, it will succeed.


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