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Physical-Brand-Design eclecticism showcased on the prestigious design magazine “Ottagono”: different projects, striking the balance between aesthetics and emotions - crea news - CREA International - italian retail design

“Transforming the relationship model” : space to create value for the brand through service innovation, working on some strategic souls such as reputation and customer engagement

Four different projects, from different geographical areas and fields showcasing how Physical Brand Design translates the heart of the brand through design innovation, but adapting it even according to the culture and traditions of the country, without imposing its own style. Each project is handled by a multidisciplinary team of individuals of different ages and with widely diverse professional experiences with the goal to change the relationship between place, use and users creating a new service model and a new retail service design journey of the space.

Innovation is not necessarily synonymous with technology but Crea International often uses space to create innovation, not through material codes or colors, but just as tool to communicate emotions as in the case of Air Bank, the Czech bank which stepped out from traditional and old banking stereotypes. The space organized around a central “agora” surrounded by a stepped amphitheater and the assertive use of colors, make the branch iconic and recognizable and are making the success of the bank, which has opened 15 branches in less than one year.

Another interesting and out of the box project by the retail design company, published on the magazine is “1001 nights”, a concept restaurant in a big hub for Qatari people entertainment, offering a complete dining experience: different landscapes for a variety of different menus and dining room atmospheres.The access is conveyed by a magic pipe which takes people into the different areas of the building, living from the underground one through a set course, passing under a waterfall, to a very dark and scenographic lobby, where the most sophisticated technology leads people in choosing food. A place where it’s possible to choose food experience, if being serviced by attendants, or receiving food without seeing anybody, through innovative tricks. 

Once again space astonishes, surprises and offers a unique and memorable experience. In Tim retail stores instead, another important Physical Brand Design project space is focused to reinforce brand identity, reputation and positioning, maintaining the historical values of the company. The aim is to offer a “warm technology” to shift attention to products, services and communication, avoiding the invasive presence of technology and tempering the chilly appearance of plastic and telecom products with warm colors and materials with a modularity of the space. 

Last but not least in terms of innovation for Arab culture still anchored to its traditions, is Saudi Arabian Airlines, where a radical reorganization of the space focusing on the culture and everyday lifestyles in Saudi Arabia characterizes its branch offices around the world. The other side of the moon is the design metaphor of the entire space, from the craters in the floors to the round ceiling light units, to the graphic patterns to decorate the surfaces. A space focused on customer engagement for a total new experience within the space and values of the brand.

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