giovedì 3 maggio 2012

A store more than a bank: Air Bank branch invites people to go and live the bank - crea news - CREA International - italian retail design

Numbers demonstrating how service design innovation has contributed to grow customer satisfaction

Physical Brand Design strategy has succeeded to reach the goal in creating a new retail banking design format, capable to attract customers, giving them an overall feeling of reassurance and freedom.

A community environment, based upon relationship and retail codes which has contributed in just 4 months to achieve 20 thousands customers who have around 9 billion CZK (360 mil. €) and to plan for the end of 2012 to have 60 – 70 thousands of customers. These results, besides obviously the commercial strategies of PPF company, have been even reached thanks to the retail service design strategy which has succeeded in creating a new experience inside the branch, helping to increase customer loyalty.
A fact also emphasized by the numerical statistics: more than 80 % customers choose Air Bank from the 5 biggest bank in Czech Republic, 60 % of new account requests are made through internet and 40 % in stores. But signed agreement are 60 % completed in stores and 40 % on internet (even if the full online sign-up is supported).

It means, that 20 % of all customers start filling the request form on internet but prefer to go to the store and finish the procedure. An important element, underlining how the customer feel reassured and loose in finalizing its operations within the branch. A success that will be discussed tomorrow in Paris at Efma conference “Branch of the future” by Air Bank marketing director Jakub Petrina.

 See the attached video with the interview to Martina Duskova, store manager in Air Bank branch in Prague explaining and confirming how physical brand design empowered customer’s loyalty.

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